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About Us

We transfer images from aging video formats to DVD, CD, external hard drives or memory sticks. Memories from the 50s to 90s can be made everlasting on digital formats. Restore the history left in the attic, in the closet, or in the video tape library.

We can currently transfer 3/4 video tape, beta tape, and other varieties of VHS tape. We're developing one and two inch video transfer. Preserve your personal history with the help of If you don't see your format, e-mail us and we'll see what we can do. experts have a combined 75 years of broadcast experience. We can also transfer reel to reel audio as well, with our years of working with multiple film formats and transferring them to digital formats.

The Kloster Company Logo. It depicts a tree with Kloster Company written on either side of it.


1099 E. Champlain Dr. Ste. A-136
Fresno, Ca 93720

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